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K-CHECK CONTROLS for serum, plasma/blood ketones determination

Cat. No. B1777
  • Opened Vial Good for 30 Days!
  • Expiration: 1 Year
  • Contains no animal or human derived products

Prepared with simulated serum matrix

Sold as 6 Vials, 5 ml Each / Box

Available direct or through major healthcare distributors.



(acetone/acetoacetic acid) TESTING.
  • Serum, Plasma, Blood or Urine
  • Semi-quantitave /Qualitative
  • Can detect as little as 5 mg of acetoacetic acid
  • Formulation similar to Acetest®Trademark used by Bayer Healthcare LLC
  • 100 tablets/Bottle available direct or through major healthcare distributors


Urine Bilirubin Reagent
  • Uses only 4 drops of urine
  • Detects as little as ~0.1 mg bilirubin per dl of urine.
  • Confirmatory test for results obtained by dipstick.
  • Includes precut bilirubin binding test pad squares.
  • Clear-cut results.
  • No. B1009.


  • Results in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Just smear the growth onto the strip and add a drop of water.
  • 2 Year Expiration.
  • No. B7725/B7750


Staining and mounting medium for fungi
  • All-in-one red staining, mounting and clearing agent
  • Stains fungal elements RED.
  • Dries in few hours.
  • Better refractive index!
  • No sticky residues!
  • No. B730R

Oxidase Testing Strips

  • Dry reagent impregnated strips.
  • Pos reaction indicated by Immediate clear blue color.
  • Over a year expiration.
  • No. B7870.


No Color Developer Needed!

  • Just rub the colony onto the dry Strip.
  • Positive test indicated by grayish-blue color in 1-5 minutes.
  • Strong reactions visible in as little as 30-60 sec.
  • Cat No. B5550.

Rapid Indole Test Strips

  • DMABA based Dry Rapid Indole Strips.
  • Results in seconds.
  • Clear pink color.
  • One year expiration.


Staining and mounting medium for fungi
  • All-in-one staining, mounting and clearing agent.
  • Stains fungal elements blue.
  • Dries in few hours.
  • No sticky residues!
  • No. B730B.

CryoBacTM Vials 

Culture Maintenance / Preservation system
  • Preserves QC cultures at a fraction of the cost of a lyophilized culture.
  • With or without ceramic beads!
  • Dual cryopreservatives.
  • TSB or Skim Milk based.
  • 25 or 100/ Box Cat.No. B725, B700.


Processing Reagents
  • N-acetyl L Cystine based NaOHdigestant.
  • Neutraization Phosphate Buffer.
  • BSA Solution for pellet re-suspension.
  • B4250, B3503, B2200.

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